Over the years, CEDARS has grown from just a Christian populated theatrical group of students, into a development café; A Conglomerate with subdivisions for Choreography, Spoken-Word, Music, Drama, Creative Writing, Content Development, with our latest venture, Artiste Management.
We started in November 2012, from the dilapidated buildings and lawn tennis courts of University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Like many startups, our passion for success was more than our fear of failure; so amidst tight academic schedules and various challenges, we created time for what we love. Our aim was to challenge the status quo so even when the halls had 12 students, expressing our convictions beyond entertainment, and changing mindsets through our God given talents was our priority.
Soon invitations were honored; had mentions on school radio, appeared on fliers and posters, some whose stages were beyond our physical reach. Arguably we got acclaimed to be the only interdenominational artistic conglomerate of the University. Amidst the cheers and boos, turn-downs and celebrations, testimonies and critiques, we saw our concepts evolve from Page to Stage, Scripts to Screen and from Ideas to Realities. We weren’t the best then, we are not there yet, currently are not in competition with any other, but our resilience coupled with the knack for artistic excellence keeps us Upward, Forward and Onward and #WeWontEndHere.
Through support from Friends, ‘Fan-milies’, Affiliates and Partners, we’ve gone beyond Church walls to have our own Events, Concerts and Awards. Currently we are honored to have Legends around the country. We recognize the differences between Artistry & Ministry, Entertaining & Evangelizing and know the pathway to fusing them.

           “Our arts are not our ministries, but tools, weapons and techniques to aid the ministry of reconciliation we all have.”

-Egwu Nnanna Echem (Founder CEDARS Nigeria)