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INI was written to portray the dilemma in a young person’s mind. Most of us have played that game where we have to choose between things we want… “I believe that the quirky thing about the song is that INI isn’t telling you what I’d choose, what you should choose or which choice is right…”
INI just acknowledges the dilemma, while you nod your head to the beat.
INI is good music.
The song produced by Music Nerd, goes mainstream to address the need for relationships to be defined. The song comes from a friend-zone perspective about how we go through the struggles of conduct in relationships and how human we can be when the temptation comes. “I expect the conservative percentage of the Christian community to be skeptical of this song, but I consider it courageous that I release it anyway…”
“We didn’t see this coming after the release of Joking Sturvs. There is something you can’t take away from us: the fact that you can’t predict what is coming next and #WeWontEndHere.”

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PS: The song is subjected to “Pastoral Advisory” for the sake of connoting seemingly suggestive lyrics. READ PRESSBRIEF



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