The Niel of CEDARS Nigeria set to release another…

Daniel Achikanu, The Niel of CEDARS Nigeria is to release another Single, “INI”, featuring Kemena.

The song produced by Music Nerd, goes mainstream to address the need for relationships to be defined. The song comes from a friend-zone perspective about how we go through the struggles of conduct in relationships and how human we can be when the temptation comes.
The Niel in an interview said:
“Ini Mini Mani Mo’ is a game we played, where there are options to select from. The same applies to the subject matter – in relationships – and Kemena did a nice job of intertwining contemporary concepts. We wanted to pass an idea with friend-zone; since youths wouldn’t listen for long, we put it into danceable music and made ‘INI’, hoping the song will stick overtime beyond the superficial connotations.”
The song is subjected to “Pastoral Advisory” for the sake of connoting seemingly suggestive lyrics.
With respect to this, the Founder of CEDARS Nigeria, expressed his thoughts saying, “When I heard INI, I was like ‘Okayyy… Niel, Abeg give me some time with this track, I will get back to you soon…’
“We didn’t see this coming after the release of Joking Sturvs. There is something you can’t take away from us: the fact that you can’t predict what is coming next and #WeWontEndHere.”
 INI would sweep some persons off their feet, get some talking, get others off CEDARS radar; nevertheless since Sex is an issue in most relationships, INI is here to stay.
The Single is set to drop on the 1st of February, 2018 with a timely strike for Valentine.
Signed: Mabel Asuquo (P.R CEDARS Nigeria)


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