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ACRIMONY Movie: The Nigerian Review

ACRIMONY : The Conversation.

A review/full analysis on the Movie ‘Acrimony’ by CEDARS Nigeria.
**All characters and names as indicated here are actual persons.
Abstract: this review contains a well detailed analysis of the movie, point of views, causes and consequences of actions and inactions, as it seeks to answer and clarify the most asked questions by most people who have watched the movie... 
"Who is at fault?"


Uchechi Njoku, UC_Truth:
Acrimony, Such a movie, this type of movie should be a final year test for law students to know those that will be called to bar😏
That people have different views of the movie in the aspect of who is at fault shows why in Nigeria, the first person to go to police has an upper hand to win a case. (Laughs)
@TylerPerry is a genius, because though this was a true life story, the angle through which he gave it to the audience was clearly psychological.

He split the audience and allowed them make out what they wanted from the movie.
To see this movie as a whole, you have to remove all bias and then look at the subtle details given you in the movie from which you can come to a better conclusion.

Let’s try and do that.
First, the question, *Who was at fault?* is not complete.
At fault with what? I asked.
Like, who is at fault for the woman carrying gun and shooting the ex and the wife?
Who else would be at fault?
Ask yourself, if you are the one, would you do it?
If your answer is NO for any reason, then somehow, something in you is saying that the woman missed it in her judgement and decisions.

Now, to the Bias removal.
The most important one in the movie

Nwankwo Christopher, Just_ICE:
Yeah… The woman was the one narrating most of the movie and she was narrating from when she was already mad, so we were seeing the movie through her eyes and voice. “Dangers of a Single Story”

Uchechi Njoku, UC_Truth:
Let me show you two things she said that was out rightly wrong

1. He is a con man: this is wrong, that guy was never trying to con her, that was bitterness talking.
If you don’t remove that and check for yourself, you’ll agree.
So all the time she sounded like the guy had a way to get money out of her, it was never a truth…Think of that.

2. He wasn’t talking to her in the house: and he was asking that he be accepted back at the divorce? Putting her in videos, and talking about making her happy?

Now. Let’s see some other bias
You said the man didn’t fight for her, he moved on too quickly…

Do you remember which of them at this time was already with another person? Let me ask, would you have gone back? Yes, it was an option, but would you have taken it?

And don’t mention love, *was the ex wife after love or after money?*
Was she after love or after what the man will buy? The life with him?
Well, I can tell you it wasn’t love. She sued the man for half the money for the deal.
Did you miss that? If she had won, would she have been angry still? I’m guessing not.

You are doing pity face and vexing on the man, why exactly do you think the girl’s family were not on her side?

I mean, it’s FAMILY, and they were supporting the man. Why?
If their sister was in the right, and it was their mum’s house, and they had lost clients, why were they on the man’s side?
Now, about the girl the man married.
Did you actually see the kind of person she was?
You think she didn’t deserve a good man? Because she cheated with him when they were in school?

Did you notice that she and the man had a true friendship outside the sex and the money?
She was already made and yet, she was friends with this man. Who had nothing, and didn’t even want to keep communication because she didn’t want trouble.
Was there a fault on the guy?

Let’s check.
All you can say is that he wasn’t working to help the hour, when he was working on his battery.
But remember the tone you heard it from was from the bitter lady.

Let me paint small picture for you.

A father keeps paying for his daughter’s school fees, and she was doing bad in school and he disowned her. But this daughter was in a dance group, because she loves dancing, someone in the dance group takes her in and caterers for her. she goes to dance one day and a big super star sees her, she “blows”, boom.
She becomes so rich, that she can afford what she wants.

She goes home, buys a house for the dad and gives the dad 70million Naira.

Then she builds a mansion and gets the person that took her in to live with her,. The person gets a private jet and travels wherever she wants in this girl’s name
What do you think this girl did wrong?Now imagine, that the dad being angry and saying that no, the girl is meant to be taking her on the tour and he’s the one that should live in the mansion because the girl used to tell him when she was young that she would build him a mansion 🙄?

In fact, that the guy did to his new Wife, what he promised the woman is to show you that he meant his promises.

What? So because you promised your ex girl friend that when you blow you will take her to Dubai, and you people broke up, then the new bae is banned from Dubai?
You know if the lady wasn’t tracking them down and stalking their life, she wouldn’t have seen any of those things. They were not in the news, this was on Facebook o 🤦🏿♂

Leave them alone na! You broke up with a guy, he gets a new girlfriend, you start checking his Facebook and keep getting pissed at him and his new bae. You deserve all the glory.

The truth is, no money anyone makes is your own. There are situations that permit an insinuation, eg, Marriage.

The reason money is gotten from the other company at divorce is probably because there is a mindset that both of them contributed in making the money, even if the other wasn’t contributing money or ideas. Maybe time, maybe patience, maybe encouragement…

But you know if there is an issue or proof of infidelity, the claim to half the money is still gone.
So it’s not really like the man’s money or wife’s money is yours.

When judging a case, if you will be a good judge:
Separate what you hear, From what you see, From what you feel.

Then judge with all these clues put together.
That man gave her 10million Dollars.
Turn that money to naira. (3.6 billion Naira)

And he didn’t run with her money o, they were divorced, he didn’t have to give her a dime.

And it wasn’t out of pity
Someone told me that the man didn’t do anything to show he loved her, I was wondering the Acrimony the babe watched.

So I will dash you 3.6 BILLION Naira out of hate?

And if you say it’s not about the money; it’s companionship & love.
Then, you have forgotten that the man had all these when she ended the marriage.

The Man had Love, care, ambition, focus, and good in bed
(with a probability that he cheated) *without money*
But Woman still ended the marriage.

Man now have Love, care, ambition, focus, and good in bed
(with a probability that he cheated) + MONEY
Woman is all forgiving and doesn’t care anymore.

And you think she ended the marriage because of the cheating?
Judge for yourself.

Anthony Okoye, SubROUTINE:
Its African witchcraft. Any man that leaves her shouldn’t blow, shouldn’t find love. Shouldn’t be happy. Shouldn’t flex.
Please what better way to define witchcraft than that?

Egwu Nnanna, EN:
Sometimes I feel it is “easier” for Logically inclined people to understand the Movie “Acrimony”
Maybe there are things Ladies expect from a Man.

Uchechi Njoku, UC_Truth:
Are they righteous? Because it’s only the expectations of the righteous that shouldn’t be cut short.
This girl did not train him and he finished school and married another woman, like some women do.

Like, imagine a guy trained a girl in school, they now got married, he now divorced her because he felt she cheated, he was already hooking up with someone else.
She sees another man, and she now has money, the guy now came and be like, I trained you in school?
Ah! Are you possessed?

Egwu Nnanna, EN:
I think that if you look at the Movie very well, from the Title ACRIMONY: “bitterness or ill feeling.”
Synonymous to bitterness, rancor, resentment, ill feeling, ill will, bad blood, animosity, hostility, enmity, antagonism, irascibility, waspishness, spleen;

Now, all the synonyms you see above was what the movie was about and guess who exhibited that?
You’re right.
Now guess who was at Fault?
You’re also right.

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Acrimony is a 2018 American psychologicalthriller film produced, written, and directed byTyler Perry.
The film stars Taraji P. Henson,Lyriq Bent, Jazmyn Simon, and Crystle Stewart, and follows a loyal wife who decides to take revenge on her ex-husband.
 Principal photography began in October 2016 inPittsburgh. Acrimony was released in the United States by Lionsgate on March 30, 2018.
It received generally negative reviews from critics and has grossed $46 million worldwide.
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THE NIEL Releases Ellipses EP.


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The Niel Quchi dedicates “Dey Your Side” to everyone who has been of support to CEDARS Nigeria, Christ A Poet Team, D_Daniels’ Group and every other Affiliate.

“Dey Your Side” which features KEMENA, was produced by @Jack_The_Music_Nerd as part of the #SeasonOfTheNiel releases.

Download More Songs From The Niel Quchi: #EllipsesEP (“Fireworks”, “Dance With Me”, “For You & Only”), Joking Sturvs, Gozie, and Ini.

The Niel Quchi -Biography

Christ A Poet Team About CEDARS Nigeria

CEDARS Interview Christ A Poet’s Chief Editor

An interview with Godswill Ezeonyeka of the Christ A Poet Team.

Christ A Poet Team
Christ A Poets’s PENSPEAK “Harvest 2018”

CEDARS: Good morning Sir Godswill, how are you enjoying Ilorin today?

Godswill: I am very well. Ilorin is cool. I Thank God for a safe trip.

CEDARS: Awesome! I know a lot is currently going on as I can see on the background… But I promise to be quick on this one.

Godswill: Smiles… No problems… Tape rolling.

CEDARS: OK! So, let’s start with you: As an affiliate of CEDARS Nigeria, you already have some social presence and work credits that am aware of, but for most folks, this might be a first contact.

Godswill: Well for starters, My name is Godswill Ezeonyeka and I am the Chief Editor of the Christ A Poet Team. 

I love art. I love beauty wherever I see it. I believe we all have a voice not just in what we say but how we say it.

CEDARS: Interesting… You mentioned being Chief Editor of the Christ A Poet Team. Tell us about Christ A Poet. An attempt towards impactful word use?

Godswill: Christ A Poet is a platform that celebrates and pushes for sound and edifying literary content that especially point all men to Jesus and all the joys associated in Him. So yeah, words are what we use to impact our world.

CEDARS: Interesting… So, PENSPEAK; last year was “The Definition”, it won the CEDARS Award for the “Event of the Year”. The year before was… What’s the central theme this year?

Godswill: PENSPEAK is this June, that’s why we are here… Smiles… The Christapoet’ annual event has HARVEST as the theme this year.


Godswill: That’s right! God has commissioned us to declare that “The Harvest is Here”.

CEDARS: How’s it going to be?

Godswill: This year’s event will be a tour through 3 venues with three campuses in mind Unilorin, UNN and UNEC.

CEDARS: So what’s the tour schedule like?

Godswill: We will be starting out here in Ilorin tomorrow the 8th at this venue: TLCC off pipeline road. Then we move to UNEC (University of Nigeria Enugu Campus) on Sunday 10th of June, that would be at FBA Hall 1 and finally my Alma mater, UNN (University Of Nigeria Nsukka) on Thursday the 14th at New Arts Theather.

All events have a duration between 5pm and 8pm and they are all FREE


CEDARS: what are the audience to expect?

Godswill: More than ever, everyone who can will be doing themselves a great favour to be at any and all of these events. The theme characteristic of Jesus’ most profound message.

The Harvest is here, it is ready for the picking and all God needs are labourers. Unlike what the world would have us believe, the church of God is growing strong and the harvest now has never been better.

So we believe after this event that there will be an unusual release of men of God that will harvest of the increase God has already given.

CEDARS: Awesome work. Worthy of  Note that we have some CEDARS Acts signed with the Christ A Poet Team, names like ucTRUTH, Doebi, The Niel Quchi, Egwu Nnanna, Ama Udofa

Godswill: Yeah… Great guys. Smiles…

CEDARS: Good to see Ruth Mahogany is already here… We would be in Enugu too and would love to see everyone in the region grace this event.

Godswill: Smiles… Sure! The word is in motion.

CEDARS: Is this going to be your first tour as group and finally, what is the expectation for the future?

Godswill: Yes it is our first tour and we are not going to stop. Like you know #WeWontEndHere Laughs…

CEDARS: Inspiring. Wow! It’s going to be a tough week and we wish you all a sensational experience and we hope the audience has a good drip of inspiration on this HARVEST TOUR.

Godswill: We believe so too. Our website is packed with a lot already and our social accounts @christapoet is always open for following.

CEDARS: We’re grateful for your time Mr Godswill Ezeonyeka, Chief Editor Christ A Poet Team.

Godswill: Thank you for yours too. Shake hands…

CEDARS: So tape can stop rolling now baa? I am tired of being formal…

Both laugh…

This interview was exclusive to CEDARS Nigeria and can be referenced freely, with the rights of the Artiste protected.
CEDARS Interview Kemena Artiste


CEDARS Nigeria Exclusive Interview with KEMENA

CEDARS Interview Kemena

CEDARS: Oga Kemena! Thanks for being with us this evening.

KEMENA: My Pleasure man, whats up?

CEDARS: I’m great. So, straight up VERTIGO, Your free album. Lots of buzz around that project. You know, I’ve heard a lot of project names; Simi called her album Simisola, Falz with 27 , Burna Boy with Outside. In fact most debut projects have predictable names like Genesis, Revelation… Laughs. Why “Vertigo”?

KEMENA: Smiles… During the period when Vertigo was being recorded, I had a conversation with a friend, Mhithi. I don’t remember the details of that conversation, but in summary we were talking about the dilemma of making music for the sake of the art versus making music for “blowing” sake, you know? laughs. We decided that it’s a very thin line; confusing even, especially for those at the top. Its gets more confusing as you get higher. That scared me, I developed a fear of heights, a fear of “blowing” if you will… VERTIGO.

CEDARS: Laughs, mimics a TV reporter This just in, Kemena has no intention of blowing. Take note! Don’t buy his albums, CDs or any other merch… laughs

KEMENA: I take God beg you… laughs

CEDARS: So, when is the Album coming out?

KEMENA: The 10th of June, 2018.

CEDARS: Any special reason for that date?

KEMENA: Not really, we just picked a date that would give us enough time to spread the word.

CEDARS: Kemena, this your album ehn… Let me not spoil anything sha, let me not party poop. On the 10th, everyone will hear for themselves.     What’s your favourite song on the album? I saw the track list the other day on your Instagram, I didn’t see Eff-Up! Eff-up is my jam! What’s up with that? First, tell me your favourite song on the album, then you will now tell me why Eff-up is not on the album.

KEMENA: Laughs heartily Guy, you don off me… Laughs again See ehn, I can explain.
I produced Eff-Up. Vertigo is a project Produced by Jack theMusicNerd. Shout out to him by the way. I met theMusicNerd about a year plus ago, and we connected musically. During that period, a space of a month plus, we made a bunch of records. The work we did then is Vertigo. We made the project Vertigo; it’s not just a compilation of my songs. It’s an actual project. That’s why Eff-up is not on the album… yeah.

CEDARS: ehn… You for still try shook am inside somehow… hisses

KEMENA: laughs
CEDARS: So, Your favourite song on the album?

KEMENA: Ehnn… They plenty o… but I will not talk sha… Let my friends and fans decide on their own the song they relate to most. If I talk now, they will be looking out for that record, you get?

CEDARS: Kemena, looking into VERTIGO once more, The album doesn’t seem to have anything for the clinically “Gospel” folks… Any reasons for that?

KEMENA: Due respect; I’m not clinically gospel man… not even close.

CEDARS: Hmnn, Interesting… You didn’t also seem to feature anybody in the Album. Few acts like “Mali Music” have been successful with that… How best do you think artistes should build collaborations that cuts across borders in the current industry?

KEMENA: I think there are two reasons for collaborations… One is Promotion: get an artiste who is better than you, if you do something with him, your work enters his fan base. Second reason is, if you just meet a great musician and you just really want to make something with the person.
During the making of the Album there was no such person around and I couldn’t afford to pay for a bigger artiste for the second reason; so I just thought what the hell; I did the entire album myself. I don’t think collaborations would make or break the album.

CEDARS: As a producer who has worked with some CEDARS Acts like The Niel, V-Josh… what do you have to say about them…

KEMENA: Working with CEDARS was a great experience. CEDARS have awesome artistes that are very talented, and I really can’t wait for the world to hear their sound.

CEDARS: Hmnn… I hope they see this.   Any Word to the fans?

KEMENA: My music is a labour of love; and it’s not for me alone. I make music to share with you all. So, just follow me, I’ll lead you into a new world of different sound, different music, Music you can believe in.

CEDARS Interview Christ A Poet’s Chief Editor

CEDARS: awwnn… Na for my platform you dey form Will Smith abi?

KEMENA: laughs That’s exactly what Kpangolo is about. Loyal fans!

CEDARS: Yeah… oh, lest I forget… The Label, FourEighteen Records, is it yours? I see it on all your cover arts now…

KEMENA: No, I don’t own FourEighteen Records. Its Owned by my boss, The Boss.

CEDARS: Like, what’s his name?
KEMENA: The Boss.

CEDARS: puzzled… Just the Boss?
KEMENA: The Boss.

CEDARS: Laughs.. Thanks for being with us Kemena. I had a great time. You never even touch your drink…

KEMENA: I forgot sef… I actually am very thirsty. gulps drink… I had an awesome time too, thanks for having me.

CEDARS: The 10th of june, Vertigo! I can’t wait for everyone to hear.
KEMENA: Me too man.

CEDARS: Your social media handles?

KEMENA: Instagram and Twitter @Realkemena , do like my Facebook page KEMENA.
also, you could send me an Email if you like to

CEDARS: Thanks again for being with us...

KEMENA: gulps drink… My Pleasure. 

This interview was exclusive to CEDARS Nigeria and can be referenced freely, with the rights of the Artiste protected.

The Niel Quchi -Biography

The Niel Quchi

Daniel Chibuikem Achi-kanu, more popular as The Niel Quchi, was born in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria. He is from a family of four including his father, Hon. S. I. Achi-kanu (ex-commissioner) and his mother, a retired Banker. He is presently concluding his years of being a student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; where he majored in Philosophy.

He is a folk/alternative Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Poet and Spokenword artist. He started out music from his first secondary school at a very early age, and learned to sing around his sibling, his younger sister, Sarah. He then went on to write his own songs, encouraged by his mother and his childhood friend, Peter Akanu, who is also a recording artist more popularly known as “Akas.”

He had paused his music career after dropping out from the University of Abuja, in 2011, only to begin formal schooling in the UNN in 2014. There he began his online memoir He also met and became a member of The Christapoet team as a writer, and later, administrator. Some of his work can be found on the team’s website In time, He also became a member of CEDARS Nigeria, and he served as her President From May 2016 to May 2017.

In 2017, prior to their graduation, Jackson Okpeku, more popularly known as Jack the MusicNerd, began a joint project with The Niel to record any number of songs that would be credited to the both of them; The Niel and The Nerd. Niel used this opportunity to record the entire #seasonoftheniel which includes the #EllipsesEP ( “Fireworks”, “Dance With Me”, “For You & Only” and five other songs: Joking Sturvs, Gozie, Dey your side, Miss You and Ini.

On his choice of sound, he admits he is not a “professor” with the genres as one would expect. He just writes out songs according to his mood, mind at the time and personal principles. He just aims at being enjoyed.

The Niel Quchi’s music has been inspired by Wande Coal, Ron Kenoly, One Republic, Falz, Jon Bellion, Stormae, Asa, The Mavins dynasty, Cobhams Asuquo, etc. The Niel had stated in the past that he hopes to redefine what songs young Christians should listen to through his music.

In CEDARS Award 2017, he was nominated for Vocalist of The Den, alongside Clarkson Ikwunze and Puah Omotueme for his performances on stage with CEDARS music.
 Over time Daniel Chibuikem Achi-Kanu has come to be affiliated with names like V-Josh, Egwu Nnanna Echem, Kemena, Doebi, Ama Udofa, ChimeFrancis, Braz, Jack the MusicNerd, Ritzy Art, Bella Art, The Christapoet Team & CEDARS Nigeria.


Download Song: The Niel Quchi -GOZIE


The Niel Quchi of CEDARS Nigeria, releases another work of art following his #seasonoftheniel song series. Just a pause after releasing the #EllipsesEP in March, the Niel introduces #Gozie on June 1st, exclusively on…

The Niel admits to writing the song to his fans and for their tremendous support of him and his music. “Gozie” which was produced by “Jack The Music Nerd” packs a retro vibe, with an afro beat rhythm which will have you screaming, “Gozie ehhh…” before you know it.

The Niel Quchi Gozie Ad
The Niel Quchi Gozie Ad.
Dedicated to everyone who has been of support to the Vision. We say “God bless you”. Chukwu “Gozie” gi.


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V-Josh One Hit ft. Cobham's (Sampled) About CEDARS Nigeria

One Hit- V-Josh ft. Cobhams (Sampled)


(CLICK HERE For “Automatic Download” of Song- Best with Google Chrome)


V-Josh One Hit ft. Cobham's (Sampled)

Sequel to the release of the song ‘ONE HIT’ by Cobhams Asuquo, the talented Rap Artist and Song Writer V-Josh (Click Here to read his BIO) releases his remake of the song, ‘One Hit’.

The song goes across digital stores for downloads on the 19th of May, 2018 is for everyone who believes in their talents, dreams and the light in their hearts; For everyone who keeps going against the ever mounting odds that threaten to put out their light.

Joshua Okanu (V-Josh) captures the topmost desire in the heart of all aspiring Artistes thus inspiring every talent who hopes to make a difference with their gift.

“The song ‘One Hit’ by the Maestro Cobhams Asuquo encouraged me and I’m putting it out there again to encourage others to hang on.”

It is a heartfelt prayer for me and every youth that we find our ‘ONE HIT’ this year.

V-Josh Cobham’s One Hit.
V-Josh on stage About CEDARS Nigeria

V-Josh Biography

V-Josh performing

Okanu Ojadi Joshua (born January 19th 1993) better know artistically as V-Josh is a Rap Artist, Song Writer and Stage performer.
The performing and recording artist who hails from Rivers State, Nigeria; studied Electrical Engineering as an undergraduate in the University of Nigeria Nsukka. During this time he won “Close-Up Rap Competition” [2015], Runner Up at “Etisalat Clique Fest Rap Competition” [2016] amngst other competitions.

He has a couple of awards to his achievements which includes the UNN SUG Awards for best Gospel Act [2016] CEDARS Award as Rapper of the Future [2017], SUG Awards for Best Gospel Act [2017], and other honorary nominations…
His music genres includes Hip-hop, Rap, and Afro Pop, his technique can be traced to that of M.I Abaga, Kanye West, Eminem, Lecrae

V-Josh on stage
V-Josh on stage

V_Josh has been professionally performing on stage since 2014 with some recordings to his portfolio.
With his first track “One Hit” released on May 19th 2018 which was a remake of a song earlier released by Cobhams Asuquo Earlier same year, V_Josh is arguably one of the next rated artiste as much is still expected from the future.



The Niel, Ellipses EP Cover. Prod. by Music Nerd, CEDARS Nigeria. About CEDARS Nigeria

THE NIEL Releases Ellipses EP.

The Niel of CEDARS Nigeria has seen dreams come through these past months with songs to his record, irrespective of challenges customary to the Nigerian Music Industry, he keeps to his words of releasing the ‘Ellipses EP’ this month.

Ellipses EP, which contains 3 songs (‘Dance with Me’,     ‘For You and Only’ &     ‘Fireworks’) is Daniel Achikanu’s first of its kind; with more to still come after it was announced through a tweet directing fans, friends and family to anticipate it.




The Niel- Fireworks (Ellipses EP) prod. by the Music Nerd

The EP’s release comes just a few months after the release of ‘INI‘ and ‘Joking Sturvs‘.

READ Excerpts of Interview below:

Ellipses means, we didn’t begin here, at these songs, and #wewontendhere
These songs are an excerpt from our time making music together… The Ellipses project was the first thing that The Music Nerd and I worked on for me personally. Before that there’d been ‘CEDARS stuffs’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ which he is still hoarding.
The Ellipses EP was so named by The Music Nerd. The first track, DANCE WITH ME, was written on the same day as and after the last track, FOR YOU AND ONLY.
The Niel- Dance With Me. Prod. by The Music Nerd. CEDARS NigeriaI wrote DANCE WITH ME to say that anyone who sees another person doing something wrong or maybe inappropriate, should be quick to point in the right direction, rather than talking trash behind them or laughing at them. You don’t know what that person is going through. So I said, “Dont turn the volume up, if you won’t Dance With Me…
“FIREWORKS is an emotional song for me. The Music Nerd and I are Kygo fans and he thought to explore making that pace of music with FIREWORKS. I was surprised at how it turned out… but I love the song. It was lyrically adapted from a Poem, Run away, I wrote to a Lady Friend of mine.”
I have to say, watching Empire – the tv series, and Naruto hugely influenced making this EP.

The Niel- For you and Only Cover (Ellipses EP) CEDARS Nigeria

FOR YOU AND ONLY is a song about friendship, its a song about sacrifice, the same sacrifice we all know about since we each have friends, family and lovers we’ve had to give ourselves for.




The Niel, Ellipses EP Cover. Prod. by Music Nerd, CEDARS Nigeria.

About CEDARS Nigeria

Download INI -The Niel ft. Kemena

Click Here To Download The Niel – INI ft. Kemena

INI was written to portray the dilemma in a young person’s mind. Most of us have played that game where we have to choose between things we want… “I believe that the quirky thing about the song is that INI isn’t telling you what I’d choose, what you should choose or which choice is right…”
INI just acknowledges the dilemma, while you nod your head to the beat.
INI is good music.
The song produced by Music Nerd, goes mainstream to address the need for relationships to be defined. The song comes from a friend-zone perspective about how we go through the struggles of conduct in relationships and how human we can be when the temptation comes. “I expect the conservative percentage of the Christian community to be skeptical of this song, but I consider it courageous that I release it anyway…”
“We didn’t see this coming after the release of Joking Sturvs. There is something you can’t take away from us: the fact that you can’t predict what is coming next and #WeWontEndHere.”

#Music #Relationships
#FriendZone #Singles #Engaged #Love #Life
#Dilemma #GoodMusic
#Naija #Affection

PS: The song is subjected to “Pastoral Advisory” for the sake of connoting seemingly suggestive lyrics. READ PRESSBRIEF



About CEDARS Nigeria

The Niel of CEDARS Nigeria set to release another…

Daniel Achikanu, The Niel of CEDARS Nigeria is to release another Single, “INI”, featuring Kemena.

The song produced by Music Nerd, goes mainstream to address the need for relationships to be defined. The song comes from a friend-zone perspective about how we go through the struggles of conduct in relationships and how human we can be when the temptation comes.
The Niel in an interview said:
“Ini Mini Mani Mo’ is a game we played, where there are options to select from. The same applies to the subject matter – in relationships – and Kemena did a nice job of intertwining contemporary concepts. We wanted to pass an idea with friend-zone; since youths wouldn’t listen for long, we put it into danceable music and made ‘INI’, hoping the song will stick overtime beyond the superficial connotations.”
The song is subjected to “Pastoral Advisory” for the sake of connoting seemingly suggestive lyrics.
With respect to this, the Founder of CEDARS Nigeria, expressed his thoughts saying, “When I heard INI, I was like ‘Okayyy… Niel, Abeg give me some time with this track, I will get back to you soon…’
“We didn’t see this coming after the release of Joking Sturvs. There is something you can’t take away from us: the fact that you can’t predict what is coming next and #WeWontEndHere.”
 INI would sweep some persons off their feet, get some talking, get others off CEDARS radar; nevertheless since Sex is an issue in most relationships, INI is here to stay.
The Single is set to drop on the 1st of February, 2018 with a timely strike for Valentine.
Signed: Mabel Asuquo (P.R CEDARS Nigeria)


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The Niel drops Latest Single “Joking Sturvs” on New…

Joking Sturvs by The Niel of CEDARS Nigeria cover photo.
Daniel Achikanu, Popularly known as “The Niel” of CEDARS Nigeria; is an artiste we believe is here to stay. With versatility of musical genres and resilience he hopes to become a trusted brand for truly heartfelt lyrics and songs we can listen to and sing in various situations.
As an artiste whose humanity and beliefs are painted plainly by his songs; call it Gospel or Secular, “I want my music to be an expression of all I am. I make the kind of music that is real and fun at the same time.”
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About the Project Joking Sturvs, which is his first release; he expresses a heart of gratitude with a genre that cuts across all age grades and Produced by The Music Nerd.
The Niel hopes to reset the standard for artiste/fan relationships by being reachable and intimate with his fans. You can reach him on Instagram @niel.cedars or via @cedarsnigeria

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